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Clarity ECL provides essential asbestos surveys to our customers across the country. From our base in Thurrock Essex, we cover the South East – including Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Clacton, Ipswich, London, Luton, Milton Keynes, and Southend – and those further afield. Whatever your concerns might be regarding asbestos in your property, we are here to keep you safe.

Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey serves two purposes. The first is to confirm that the property in question does contain asbestos. The second is to determine whether that asbestos has been damaged or likeness to be damaged by its occupants. This way clarity ECL can help the client with managing the asbestos within the property.

We undertake the following types of asbestos surveys …

Management Surveys

A management survey is the standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect Asbestos containing materials in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation, and to assess their condition. Management surveys will often involve minor intrusive work and some disturbance.

Refurbishment Surveys

A refurbishment survey is needed before any refurbishment work is carried out. This type of survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all Asbestos containing materials in the area where the refurbishment work will take place or in the whole building if is planned. The survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection, as necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach. A refurbishment survey may also be required in other circumstances, eg when more intrusive maintenance and repair work will be carried out or for plant removal or dismantling.

Demolition Surveys

A demolition survey is required when a building, or part of it, is to be demolished. It is preferable to conduct this survey when the building is empty and unoccupied. This is because the survey can be intrusive and involve some damages to surfaces. 

It is also necessary to take samples of all materials suspected of containing asbestos.

Re-Inspection Surveys

Asbestos register re-inspections are required if asbestos containing materials have been identified in your premises, regardless of their condition and location. Working closely with our clients, Clarity ECL can devise appropriate re-inspection schedules, undertake the inspections and update your asbestos register accordingly. We can also create an asbestos management plan to help our clients manage their asbestos in a safe way.We strongly recommend that re-inspections are carried out at least once a year to ensure you comply with the current regulations. (Regulation 4 Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises).

What can Clarity ECL do for me?

Private customers and commercial clients can rest assured that Clarity ECL can handle all of their asbestos concerns. All of our staff are fully trained and have the knowledge and experience to deal with any problems and are fully compliant and up to date with all HSE guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe at all times.

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We arrange asbestos surveys and asbestos testing solutions to customers throughout the UK. Whether they’re from nearby Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Clacton, Ipswich, London, Luton, Milton Keynes, and Southend, or elsewhere, we can help. All it takes to get the ball rolling and receive a free, no-obligation is a single call.
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