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An asbestos management plan is a written plan detailing how you, the duty holder, will manage asbestos within your buildings. The control of asbestos Regulations 2012 requires every non-domestic property to have an asbestos management Plan. This document is produced to explain how the person responsible for the building (the duty holder) intends to manage the asbestos present and to prevent anyone being exposed to the asbestos.

The Asbestos management plan should cover responsibilities, training and procedures to prevent any disturbance to the asbestos containing materials.

Clarity-ECL have P405 (BOHS qualified) consultants able to assist you with all aspects for your asbestos management plan.

If you have had an asbestos survey undertaken and asbestos is present within your premises you have a duty to manage and provide a safe place of work or residency.
(Regulation 4 Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises)

It helps the duty holder/building owner with monitoring the asbestos within your premises, giving detailed information how to manage your asbestos whether it needs any remediation works (Removal, Encapsulation and labeling).

The asbestos management plan has two main goals:

Anyone working in your property or visiting will not be exposed to asbestos

Anyone required to do any maintenance or any other work will be advised of the presence of asbestos so that they do not disturb it.

The Asbestos management plan should be reviewed every 12 months however this may be necessary sooner if there are any changes to the premises. This includes any changes to the asbestos, reviewing the efficiency of the plan or if there any refurbishment works to the premises.

What can Clarity ECL do for me?

Here at Clarity ECL we only employ surveyors with the relevant experience, training, and qualifications. We ensure that our team is properly protected, and that they have the right equipment to hand. We offer peace of mind to customers concerned about their  business premises. 

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We provide asbestos management pans and consultancy services to our customers across the country. If you live in Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Clacton, Ipswich, London, Luton, Milton Keynes, Southend, or elsewhere, we can assist your business. 
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