Asbestos surveys, lead paint surveys, and anthrax surveys in London

Private customers and commercial clients in London can rely on Clarity ECL to handle all their hazardous material concerns. We provide everything from asbestos surveys and asbestos testing, to lead paint surveys and lead paint testing. We also perform end-to-end anthrax solutions

What Clarity ECL can do for you

We are the UK’s foremost asbestos and lead paint surveyors and, as such, have much to offer our London customers. Here are some of our more popular services.

Asbestos testing and removal in London

Asbestos was used as a cheap form of building material for years and many London properties still have it. Once it begins to deteriorate, it can release dangerous fibres into the air, resulting in asbestosis. Our team of professional asbestos surveyors are on hand to check your building and perform asbestos testing, where needed.

Lead paint testing and removal in London

Lead-based paints were used in thousands of properties across London until their banning in the 1990s. With a full lead paint survey, you can determine if your current paint job is dangerous to your building’s residents. Our team of experts will come up with the best solution, whether that be encapsulation, repair, or lead paint removal.

Anthrax testing and removal in London

Anthrax is a potentially deadly disease spread by spores found in animal products. This includes horse hair, which was often used as a strengthening agent in plaster. If your building contains this material there is a small chance your health could be at risk. Our anthrax surveyors will investigate your property before drafting the ideal anthrax removal solution.

Why choose Clarity ECL for your hazardous material surveys?

As a leading provider of asbestos and lead paint surveys, there are many reasons our London clients choose us. Here are some of the more common ones.

Safety first

Clarity ECL is the country’s foremost provider of hazardous material solutions across the UK. You don’t get to reach that position without having an exemplary record in health and safety. Our experienced staff are fully trained in every aspect of removing hazardous materials. They follow the most up-to-date HSE guidelines, ensuring a safe environment for our London customers. Whatever the extent of hazardous materials in your property, you can rely on us.

An end-to-end solution

From initial asbestos surveys to final lead paint removal, our team of experts are on hand to help our customers. We provide you with regular updates on our findings, and provide the safest solutions for our London customers. We have our own testing facilities and our own survey and removals teams. With everything co-ordinated in house, you can be sure of an effective service from start to finish. Call today for more information.

Over 100 years’ experience

Whether you need asbestos testing, lead paint removal, or anthrax removal, you need a firm with experience. At Clarity ECL, our team of asbestos surveyors have more than a hundred years of relevant, on-the-job experience. They bring this expertise to every job, ensuring a professional service from the very start. Our London customers should take comfort in this. Whatever the problem with hazardous materials, our team is well-equipped to deal with it.

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