Asbestos surveys, lead paint surveys, and anthrax surveys in Clacton

Clarity ECL deals with hazardous materials found in private and public buildings across Clacton. We conduct asbestos surveys and lead paint surveys, as well as asbestos and anthrax testing, and lead paint recommendations. For managing all manner of potentially dangerous construction materials in the Clacton area, call Clarity ECL today.

What Clarity ECL can do for you

We are the UK’s foremost asbestos and lead paint surveyors and, as such, have much to offer our Clacton customers. Here are some of our more popular services.

Asbestos testing and removal in Clacton

Considering it was used for decades as a cheap construction material, it’s no wonder so many Clacton properties contain asbestos. Our team of asbestos surveyors will check out the building and collect samples for asbestos testing at our lab. Between them, they will put together the perfect solution for managing the material in future.

Lead paint testing and removal in Clacton

Lead paint was commonly used in and around Clacton, right up to the 1990s as a popular choice for decorators. When it starts to chip and flake away it becomes dangerous, potentially leading to lead poisoning. A lead paint survey can determine the full extent of the damage, and offer solutions like encapsulation or lead paint removal.

Anthrax testing and removal in Clacton

Anthrax is transferred from animals to humans via bacterial spores. Since horsehair was once a common binding agent in household plaster, old walls can contain the bacteria. At Clarity ECL, we perform anthrax surveys and testing services for our Clacton customers. Should we uncover any anthrax we would put a report with the best and safest way to deal with the problem.


Why choose Clarity ECL for your hazardous material surveys?

As a leading provider of asbestos and lead paint surveys, there are many reasons our Clacton clients choose us. Here are some of the more common ones.

Safety first

We our professional asbestos surveyors, lead paint surveyors, and anthrax surveyors. As such, it is our duty to put the safety of our surveyors and our customers first. Anthrax, asbestosis, and lead poisoning are just three of the potentially deadly conditions that we deal with every day. Our team are fully-trained and qualified, and are compliant with all HSE guidelines. We ask all Ipswich customers to listen to them during the process, to ensure their own safety on site.

An end-to-end solution

We know from experience how worrying it can be to find asbestos, lead paint, or anthrax in your building. This is just one of the reasons we dedicate ourselves to providing a complete service from start to finish.  There is someone here to answer your questions. This applies to both our office staff and our asbestos survey team, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout.

Over 100 years’ experience

We are a new name in the field of asbestos testing and lead paint surveys, but our team isn’t. Between them, they have been part of the hazard material management industry for decades – over a century, in fact. They make use of that experience on every job, delivering phenomenal service to every Clacton customer. From asbestos surveys to lead paint testing, they have the skills and the aptitude to handle it.

Clarity ECL

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