Asbestos surveys, lead paint surveys, and anthrax surveys in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes customers can take it easy, knowing there is a solution to their hazardous material problems. The team at Clarity ECL provides essential asbestos, lead paint, and anthrax services to our customers in the new town.

These services range from asbestos surveys and lead paint surveys to asbestos testing and lead paint testing. We even deal with anthrax spores, one of the most dangerous conditions in the country.

What Clarity ECL can do for you

We are the UK’s foremost asbestos and lead paint surveyors and, as such, have much to offer our Milton Keynes customers. Here are some of our more popular services.

Asbestos testing and removal in Milton Keynes

If you live or work in a building constructed with asbestos, you need to ensure the material has not deteriorated. At Clarity ECL, we perform in-depth asbestos surveys to determine the extent of asbestos use and damage. We also perform asbestos testing to ensure the level of risk and to put together a solution for you.

Lead paint testing and removal in Milton Keynes

Lead-based paint was a popular choice for decoration prior to the 1990s. It was corrosion and weather resistant and easy to apply. As such many Milton Keynes properties are likely to have lead paint somewhere on the premises. We perform lead paint surveys and lead paint testing solutions to prevent the chance of lead poisoning.

Anthrax testing and removal in Milton Keynes

Anthrax is a deadly disease spread by spores from diseased animals and animal products. This can include horsehair, which was a popular binding ingredient in plaster at one time. As the plaster decays, spores can be released. We conduct a range of anthrax services – including testing and  surveys, – to ensure the safety of our Milton Keynes customers.

Why choose Clarity ECL for your hazardous material surveys?

As a leading provider of asbestos and lead paint surveys, there are many reasons our Milton Keynes clients choose us. Here are some of the more common ones.

Safety first

Working and living alongside hazardous materials is not a pleasant experience. As the experts in this field, our concern is to ensure the safety of our surveyors and our Milton Keynes customers. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to quickly isolate suspect areas of a building. Our asbestos surveys and lead paint surveys can pinpoint problem areas. They can also indicate the best way to deal with the situation, in full compliance with all HSE guidelines.

An end-to-end solution

When you hire Clarity ECL to handle your hazardous materials, you are getting more than a survey and removals team. From the first phone call to our office, you receive a personal service from a team of highly trained professionals. Our Milton Keynes customers can expect nothing but the best from start to finish. That includes asbestos surveys, lead paint testing, anthrax testing, and more. Whatever your situation, professional advice and assistance is always at hand.

Over 100 years’ experience

Lead paint testing, asbestos testing, and anthrax surveys are best performed by experienced professionals. At Clarity ECL, we ensure that our team of surveyors come with extensive and relevant experience in hazardous materials management. Between them, they have been a part of this industry for over a century. That kind of expertise ensures that every job is completed competently and diligently by surveyors who know what they’re doing. This guarantees peace of mind for all Milton Keynes customers.

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