Asbestos surveys, lead paint surveys, and anthrax surveys in Ipswich

If you’re based in Ipswich and in need of quality hazardous material management, give Clarity ECL a call today. We supply essential asbestos surveys, lead paint testing, anthrax testing, and more. From asbestos testing to lead paint surveys, we are your single port of call for many hazardous materials.

What Clarity ECL can do for you

We are the UK’s foremost asbestos and lead paint surveyors and, as such, have much to offer our Ipswich customers. Here are some of our more popular services.

Asbestos testing and removal in Ipswich

If you live in Ipswich and believe your property to contain asbestos, call Clarity ECL today. Our team of professional surveyors will perform a detailed asbestos survey on your property, followed by asbestos testing. Together these should determine the extent and the severity of your asbestos problem. From there, we can devise a suitable solution for managing it.

Lead paint testing and removal in Ipswich

With lead paint only being banned in the nineties, many properties in Ipswich still have areas painted in it. A lead paint survey will be able to confirm if your house or building has traces of lead paint. If so, we can decide how to deal with it. This could include repair, encapsulation, or full lead paint removal.

Anthrax testing and removal in Ipswich

Some older houses in the Ipswich area may have been built using plaster mixed with horsehair for a better set. It was a standard practice in construction, but it is possible that those organic fibres contain anthrax spores. We survey the property, testing samples as we go. If they come back positive, we can then assist with anthrax recommendations.

Why choose Clarity ECL for your hazardous material surveys?

As a leading provider of asbestos and lead paint surveys, there are many reasons our Ipswich clients choose us. Here are some of the more common ones.

Safety first

Working every day with dangerous materials like asbestos and lead paint, we understand our responsibilities regarding health and safety. This is why all projects begin with a lead paint survey, an asbestos survey, or an anthrax survey. By thoroughly understanding the conditions in the property, we are best placed to complete the job safely. Whether engaged in asbestos testing, lead paint surveys, or more, our surveyors comply with all HSE regulations.

An end-to-end solution

We make sure that every Ipswich customer is satisfied with the service they receive from Clarity ECL. From your very first phone call, you will find our team friendly and professional. There is always someone available to answer your queries. It might be a member of our office staff, or it may be one of our surveyors. In any event, from initial survey to final recommendations, you are assured a quality service from all our team.

Over 100 years’ experience

As a team, our surveyors can boast more than 100 years of field experience in hazardous material management. They have worked as asbestos surveyors and lead paint surveyors, covering everything from asbestos testing to lead paint surveys. They bring their decades of expertise to every site, ensuring a quality job on each occasion. They augment their experience with the latest equipment and training. This is your guarantee of a safe, secure, and professional operation each time.

Clarity ECL

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